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(NP-KS93-C Mini Octopus Tripod)Technical Specification


Each leg of this tripod is composed of a number of flattened ellipsoids, and the nine joints can perform 360-degree rotation; if all the joints want to rotate in one direction, it can become a circle. , This kind of twisting function, it can wrap most objects very firmly, and at the same time, you can set the camera to take a selfie; the tripod uses natural rubber as the main material, this material highlights its wear resistance and applicability, The combination of spheres highlights the three-dimensionality of the product. Its stylish appearance and its portability make it a right-hand man for photographers.


·The anti-skid design of the bottom plate provides more stable support and high safety performance;

·It can be equipped with camera, mirrorless single, card machine and mobile phone holder;

·360°free bending or rotation to achieve better force-bearing shape

·The leg tube can be twisted at will, multi-angle manipulation to adapt to a variety of terrains, can be fixed with railings or trees outdoors, with strong adaptability and simple operation.

Technical Specifications
·Lamp body size: 55*55*250mm
·Light weight: 0.23kg
·Shell color: black and white
Working size: 50-260mm
·Shell material: natural rubber and iron
·Bearing weight: 2000g

·Carton board box package size: 550*280*300 mm(50pc/carton)
·N.W/G.W/V.W: 0.23kg/12kg

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